SqlClient PropertiesNemiro.Data.dll

The SqlClient type exposes the following members.


Protected propertyCache
Provides access to parameters caching.
Public propertyCacheAccessTimeout
Waiting time gain access to the entry of file cache (File). After this time, if the file entry are not available, an exception is thrown.
Public propertyCacheBinder
Type serializer of custom objects.
Public propertyCacheBufferAccessTimeout
Waiting time gain access to the buffer of file cache (File).
Public propertyCacheBufferSize
File cache (File) memory buffer size (Kb). Default value is 2048 Kb (2 Mb).
Public propertyCacheCustom
Custom cache type. Used with CacheType and CacheCustomArgs.
Public propertyCacheCustomArgs
Array of additional parameters for initialization custom cache. Used with CacheType and CacheCustom.
Public propertyCacheDuration
Duration of storage in the cache entry (in seconds).
Public propertyCacheName
Name of the key cache entry (optional).
Public propertyCachePath
The path of storage a cache files. Using only with CacheType = File.
Public propertyCacheType
Cache type. Default value is Auto, unless otherwise specified in the parameter NeData:Sql:CacheType of configuration files.
Public propertyCommandText
The text of the SQL statements or stored procedure name, you must perform.
Public propertyCommandTimeout
Timeout command (in seconds). The default value is 30 seconds.
Public propertyCommandType
Command type for CommandText. Default value Auto, unless otherwise specified in the parameter NeData:Sql:CommandType of configuration file.
Public propertyConnectionMode
Connection mode. Default value Auto, unless otherwise specified in the parameter NeData:Sql:ConnectionMode of configuration file.
Public propertyConnectionString
Connection string. Default value: LocalSqlServer.
Public propertyConnectionTimeout
Timeout connecting to the server (in seconds) before an exception. Default value: zero - used the server configuration.
Public propertyLastQueryResultsFromCache
Is True, if the last query result was obtained from the cache.
Public propertyLastQueryTime
Elapsed time of the last query to the database.
Public propertyParameters
Collection of query parameters.
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