SqlClient CacheBinder Property Nemiro.Data.dll
Type serializer of custom objects.

Namespace: Nemiro.Data.Sql
Assembly: Nemiro.Data (in Nemiro.Data.dll) Version: (

public Type CacheBinder { get; protected set; }

Property Value

Type: Type

Used only if the property CacheType value has File.

If not specified, the default is CacheBinder.

Changing this property can not be programmatically. Please, use configuration file for it.

  <clear /> 
  <!--Cache type--> 
  <add key="NeData:Sql:CacheType" value="File" /> 
  <!--Cache binder--> 
  <add key="NeData:Sql:CacheBinder" value="MyCacheBinder" /> 
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