SqlClient CachePath Property Nemiro.Data.dll
The path of storage a cache files. Using only with CacheType = File.

Namespace: Nemiro.Data.Sql
Assembly: Nemiro.Data (in Nemiro.Data.dll) Version: (

public string CachePath { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: String

Use the configuration file for this setting.

  <clear /> 
  <!--Cache type--> 
  <add key="NeData:Sql:CacheType" value="File" /> 
  <!--Cache path--> 
  <add key="NeData:Sql:CachePath" value="C:\cache\MyApplication" /> 

If the specified directory does not exist, it is created automatically.

When using the file cache in projects ASP. NET, ensure that the application and the IIS user have access for write and for modify the contents of a directory CachePath.


using (SqlClient client = new SqlClient())
  client.CacheDuration = 1200; // 20 minutes
  client.CacheType = CachingType.File;
  client.CachePath = @"C:\cache\MyApplication";
  client.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM users";
  var table = client.GetTable();
  Console.WriteLine("Rows: {0}", table.Rows.Count);
  Console.WriteLine("Query execution time: {0}", client.LastQueryTime);
  Console.WriteLine("From cache: {0}", client.LastQueryResultsFromCache);
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