ColumnAttribute PropertiesNemiro.Data.dll

The ColumnAttribute type exposes the following members.


Protected propertyAllowNull
Flags contains AllowNull or not.
Public propertyColumnName
Name field of database table.
Public propertyDataType
Data type field of database table. You can use SqlDbType.
Public propertyDefault
Default value.
Public propertyDisplayName
Display name.
Public propertyFlags
Field flags. Is bitmask of ColumnAttributeFlags.
Protected propertyIsIdentity
Flags contains Identity or not.
Protected propertyIsPrimaryKey
Flags contains PrimaryKey or not.
Protected propertyIsSql
Is SQL server or not.
Protected propertyIsUnique
Flags contains Unique or not.
Protected propertyOwnerClass
Parent class instance.
Protected propertyOwnerClassType
Type of parent class.
Protected propertyParameterName
Parameter name for database. For example: @col_name.
Public propertySize
Maximum field size (in bytes). Zero - no restrictions (default).
Protected propertySqlDbType
SQL Server data type.
Public propertyTypeId (Inherited from Attribute.)
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