Nemiro.Data NamespaceNemiro.Data.dll
Contains common classes, enumerations, attributes ORM and exceptions that are needed for the library.

Public classColumnAttribute
Attribute indicates that the property implements a table field.
Public classConnectionStringNullException
An exception occurs if the connection string to the database is not specified.
Public classDataChangeInfo
Provides information about changes to the data.
Public classDataChangeInfoCollection
Collection of information about the data change.
Public classDataChangeLogger
The base class for log.
Public classDataObjectCollection T 
Collection of database entities.
Public classDuplicateTableNameException
An exception occurs if the database already has a table with the specified name.
Public classMoreThanOnePrimaryKeyException
An exception occurs if in the class found more than one property with the flag PrimaryKey.
Public classNoPrimaryKeyOrUniqueFieldsException
An exception occurs if the class could not find any properties with flags PrimaryKey or Unique.
Public classNoTableAttributeException
An exception occurs if a class that implements the database table attribute is missing TableAttribute.
Public classStringOrBinaryDataWouldBeTruncatedException
This exception occurs if some of the fields of the table are added values ​​which exceed the allowable size of the fields in the table.
Public classTableAttribute
Indicates that the class implements database table.
Public classTableNameNullException
An exception occurs if the attribute TableAttribute is not specified table name (TableName).
Public classValueForIdentityException
This exception occurs if the key property is no flag Identity while the corresponding field in the table is a numeric counter.

Public enumerationCachingType
Enumeration methods of caching query results to a database.
Public enumerationColumnAttributeFlags
List of flags that determine the interpretation properties when used in working with the data source.
Public enumerationColumnDefaultValues
List of dynamic values.
Public enumerationConnectionMode
Mode connect to the database.
Public enumerationOrderBy
List sorting options.
Public enumerationSqlServerEditionIDs
List of editorial SQL Server.
Public enumerationSqlServerEngineEditionList
List of editions SQL Server.
Public enumerationSqlServerProperties
List of properties of the instance SQL Server.
Public enumerationTypeCommand
List of commands types.