SqlClient CopyDataToServer Method Nemiro.Data.dll
Transferring the specified tables from the instance of DataSet to the database. Used SqlBulkCopy. The fastest and most economical way to move large amounts of data in the database.

Namespace: Nemiro.Data.Sql
Assembly: Nemiro.Data (in Nemiro.Data.dll) Version: (

public void CopyDataToServer(
	DataSet value


Type: System.Data DataSet
Instance the DataSet class, which you want to transfer to the SQL Server.

SqlExceptionThe exception that is thrown when SQL Server returns a warning or error.
StringOrBinaryDataWouldBeTruncatedExceptionAn exception occurs if some of the fields of the table are added values ​​that exceed the allowable size of a table field.

Each instance of the collection Tables must contain the name of the target table in the property TableName.

Fields list of the tables must match to columns of the target tables.

Caching options are ignored.


using (SqlClient client = new SqlClient())
  // Create DataTable instance for hotels. 
  // Table name is [hotels]. 
  // In SQL Server database should have a table named [hotels].
  DataTable hotels = new DataTable("hotels");
  // Add fields in the table.
  hotels.Columns.Add("id_hotels", typeof(Guid));
  hotels.Columns.Add("hotel_code", typeof(string));
  hotels.Columns.Add("hotel_name", typeof(string));
  hotels.Columns.Add("hotel_stars", typeof(int));
  hotels.Columns.Add("date_created", typeof(DateTime));

  // Create DataTable instance for photos. 
  // Table name is [hotels_images]. 
  // In SQL Server database should have a table named [hotels_images].
  DataTable hotelsImages = new DataTable("hotels_images");
  // Add fields in the table.
  hotelsImages.Columns.Add("id_hotels", typeof(Guid)); // linked with hotels
  hotelsImages.Columns.Add("image_url", typeof(string));

  // Random data generator, for example.
  Random rnd = new Random(DateTime.Now.Millisecond);

  for (int i = 0; i <= 1000; i++)
    // Hotel ID.
    Guid newHotelId = Guid.NewId();
    // Hotel data.
    hotels.Rows.Add(newHotelId, Guid.NewGuid().ToString().Substring(0, 4), Guid.NewGuid().ToString().Replace("-", ""), rnd.Next(1, 5), DateTime.Now);
    // Generate photos data. 
    int cnt = rnd.Next(0, 9);
    for (int j = 0; j <= cnt; j++)
      // Set newHotelId to id_hotels, 
      // for linking photos with hotels.
      hotelsImages.Rows.Add(newHotelId, String.Format("http://example.org/{0}", Guid.NewGuid()));
  // Create DataSet instance.
  DataSet data = new DataSet();
  // Add tables to DataSet.
  // Transfer data to SQL Server.
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