CacheInfo ClassNemiro.Data.dll
Provides access to parameters caching.
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System Object
  Nemiro.Data.Caching CacheInfo

Namespace: Nemiro.Data.Caching
Assembly: Nemiro.Data (in Nemiro.Data.dll) Version: (

public class CacheInfo

The CacheInfo type exposes the following members.


Public methodCacheInfo
Initializes a new instance of the CacheInfo class.

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Public methodSetDefault
Resets to the default values​​.
Public methodSetFromConfig
Resets to the default values and loads the new settings from the application configuration file.
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Public propertyAccessTimeout
Waiting time gain access to the entry of file cache (File). After this time, if the file entry are not available, an exception is thrown.
Public propertyBinder
Type serializer of custom objects.
Public propertyBufferAccessTimeout
Waiting time gain access to the buffer of file cache (File).
Public propertyBufferSize
File cache (File) memory buffer size (Kb). Default value is 2048 Kb (2 Kb).
Public propertyCacheName
Cache entry name.
Public propertyCachePath
The path of storage a cache files. Using only with CacheType = File.
Public propertyCacheType
Cache type. Default value is Auto.
Public propertyCustom
Type of custom cache.
Public propertyCustomArgs
Additional parameters for initialization a custom cache.
Public propertyDuration
Duration caching the query results (in seconds).
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