CacheManager ClassNemiro.Data.dll
Manager of objects caching and cache.
Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
  Nemiro.Data.Caching CacheManager

Namespace: Nemiro.Data.Caching
Assembly: Nemiro.Data (in Nemiro.Data.dll) Version: (

public static class CacheManager

The CacheManager type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberAdd(ObjectCache, String, Object, DateTimeOffset, String)
Adds a cache entry into the cache using the specified key and a value and an absolute expiration value.
Public methodStatic memberAdd(ObjectCache, String, Object, CacheItemPolicy, String)
Adds an entry to the cache.
Public methodStatic memberGet
Returns an entry from the cache.
Public methodStatic memberGetFileCache
Gets or adds and returns an object in the file system cache.
Public methodStatic memberGetObjectCache
Gets or adds caching object and returns the specified type.
Public methodStatic memberRemove
Removes a cache entry from the cache.

Public propertyStatic memberFileCache
File cache.
Public propertyStatic memberItems
Collection caches of current application.
Public propertyStatic memberMemoryCache
Memory Cache.
Public propertyStatic memberWebCache
ASP .NET cache.
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